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  OEM M55 Carb  #241
1936 - 1939  E & EL
1950's factory replacement for the M5 carb.

( Built with NOS body, NOS throttle shaft & bushings, NOS  throttle disc, NOS choke disc, NOS main nozzle, NOS throttle shaft screws,NOS choke shaft screws, NOS steel tip needle & seat,  NOS float lever pin & caps, NOS drain plug, NOS low speed lever, NOS low speed lever bolt. NOS low speed needle, NOS venturi, NOS body plugs)
New - bowl, float lever, float  screw set, springs, choke detent, high speed needle, gaskets, bowl lock nut. bowl crush ring
Rubber Ducky float.
Body is right off the shelf, not even cleaned, all body plugs , venturi , bushings, & main  nozzle, are the ones that originally were installed at factory.

$ 1400

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