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OEM Linkert M45S   #313
Have been told by 2 separate sources now that this & the 36S I have listed are NOT police carbs and are in fact race carbs used on 1948-1950 panheads, which is why they have "race" nozzles.
1950 Police models ?
Not a lot is known about these "S" model carbs, even by us.
Believe the 36S & 45S carbs were all for police bikes. These have a completely different main nozzle than any other carbs we have had. We have included a photo of the nozzle used on the 36S and 45S carbs. This carb had a #17 fixed jet in it as well as a high speed seat insert and used a shorter then normal high speed needle. An interesting and unusual carburetor.
Gas proof foam float, stainless needle & seat.

$ 895.

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