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Rebuilding Services
Due to extremely poor mail service, if shipping a carb by mail, require an adult signature and insure, insure, insure !
ALL of OUR rebuilds , including customer's, carry a 90 day warranty.
We accept
M/C, VISA, DISCOVER, PAYPAL, M.O., Checks ( must clear before we ship )
Paypal or wire transfer ONLY internationally.
"AVERAGE" turn around time is 4-5 days, depending on time of year,
model of carb, parts in stock, services required. Nickel plating can take up to 2 weeks more.
SHIPPING Fedex in USA - $45.00 -$75.00  -  Depending on insured value.
  International Priority mail -$ 125 -$250 depending on value

For rebuilding, your carb MUST be COMPLETE with no bad threads, etc, or it will be returned. Major components such as bowl , needles, etc are extra.
ALL rebuilds will include a nitrophyl float, throttle shaft, throttle shaft bushings when required, our needle & seat or needle, depending on model, float pivot pin (s), bowl gasket, nozzle spring, detent spring & ball, cleaning of all parts & body, low speed lever spring, crush ring, correct screws for choke plate, correct screws for throttle plate, idle passage plug ( on Linkerts ), drill plugs where required, intake gasket, throttle shaft spring, adjustment instructions .

YOUR complete undamaged Linkert M-series carb basic rebuilt -$ 349 plus shipping above.
NOTE - this does not include rebuilding your fuel strainer, air cleaner, or throttle lever - carb only.
YOUR complete undamaged Linkert DC model carb basic rebuild-$ 299 plus shipping above
YOUR complete undamaged brass Schebler DLX  model rebuilt-$ 475 plus shipping above-does not include plating.  Pot metal tin top carb cost is $ 595 and includes  plating accessory parts.
YOUR bare undamaged Linkert M-series body rebuilt with all new components -$ 600-up depending on model.
YOUR complete HX carb -We no longer rebuild HX model carbs
Renickeling  - Includes body and misc. parts - $ 350

Other Services Available Separately
Bead blast your bare Linkert body only - $ 75 plus return shipping. ( add $ 25 if not bare - ALL plugs removed )
Install bushings, ream , and fit new throttle shaft -$ 99 plus return shipping.( NO hardened bushings removed )
Paint your bead blasted Linkert body low luster black or silver - $ 65 plus return shipping.
Repair intake manifold thread holes ( brass bodies ) - NO helicoils - $ 100 each.
Repair air cleaner thread holes ( brass bodies ) - $ 50 each
Repair / replace throttle stop  ( brass bodies )- $ 150
Remove stuck HS detent ball / install new- $ 75 each
Remove stuck / stripped high speed needle on M88 carbs - $ 75 ( new needle extra )
Remove, thread, and replace broken head drill plug, $ 30 each.

We also offer "patina" rebuilding. We will rebuild the inside of your carb while maintaining the original patina on the outside. This is important to many owners of historical original finish bikes and museums. Add $ 100 to any of the rebuild costs for the additional labor. We manually clean the exterior of the carb gently, and will mask off the outside surfaces when cleaning and assembling the interior of the carb.
Turn around time varies according to services.
4-5 days average on typical rebuilds. Up to 2 weeks for plating

Into The Wilderness Trading
Wyoming - 307-367-7945 / Cell 307-360-6005 
Send carbs for rebuilding to :
Fedex or UPS - Into The Wilderness 10159 US Hwy. 191 Pinedale, WY 82941
Mail- Into The Wilderness P.O. Box 1908 Pinedale, WY 82941-1908