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UPDATE - Note we will be closed 9/16 - 10/13
Have to go east to pick up another bike, and emergency run to Florida


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Into The Wilderness
The Linkert ( Langsenkamp / Beck  / DC Model )
  & Schebler Carburetor
Dealers / Shops - Contact us with Business Info for wholesale pricing.
Into The Wilderness
10159 US Hwy 191, Pinedale, WY 82941  ( MUST use for  UPS / Fedex ONLY )
P.O. Box 1908 , Pinedale, WY 82941-1908  ( MUST use for  Mail only )
Wyoming - 307-367-7945 / Cell 307-360-6005 

In Memory of Rod Kelley - This is all his fault.
What good friends are for.

We are considering the sale of Linkert Carbs. * due to health and age.
$ 650,000

Includes all carbs &  inventory at time of sale and both web sites.
Does NOT include my Fox logo or our coffee !

Please note that we do not have to sell the business, and if we do not find a buyer that interests us and values the business and our customers as much as we do, we will not sell it, period * Price is as of  10/03/21, Reason for selling - I simply wish to retire and spend more time hunting, fishing & riding with my friends, but frankly, I have had the time of my life with this business and met many great people.

I can honestly say that I still enjoy getting up and going to work every day. Can you ?
Also note that we are expanding our carb parts line through all of 2022 and price will increase as we bring new products into inventory.

Personal advice to any potential buyer - learn to make really good cookies - seriously.
If interested, call 307-367-7945 and ask for Mike

Email - parts@linkertcarbs.com

YES - We ship w o r l d w i d e - contact us.  
International payments by paypal or wire transfer only.
We no longer ship to the following countries --
Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Tunis, Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, or Mexico - due to mail loss.
Updated   9/08/22
Make parts for Linkert carburetors ? Think you can ?
Have a large stash of NOS parts ?  Call or email us.

If your carb has been sitting in solvent or "cleaners" - PLEASE - do not send it to us, all it does is ruin $100 worth of our media.
Or it will add $100 to cost of rebuild .
 Effective 4/01/22, all carbs sent in that do not include ALL contact info will just be sent back.

NEW ITEM ! - You can now buy the "Into The Wilderness Blend" coffee that we make at the shows. Blended exclusively for Into The Wilderness by Great Northern Coffee Co. of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 
12 oz bag, bean or ground - $15.95

Click on Photo for coffee page
If you have problems with the paypal shopping carts, call us at 307-367-7945 as we also take MC, Visa, & Discover directly .
 You can also email us your parts list and we can send a paypal request.
 ( Note that this is the only way for buyers outside the US & Canada )

NOTE _ We will no longer refund excess shipping charges as paypal no longer refunds any of their fees on refunds. If problems with the cart, CALL in your order or email for a paypal request. If you pay for 2 or more orders, your orders will ship separately !
Linkert / Schebler / Beck Replacement Parts & Rebuilt Carburetors
Click on any of the links below
Note that all orders over $ 400 TOTAL include insurance in shipping costs.
We no longer call outside the US.
If outside the  US, email only.
International payments accepted in US dollars ONLY.

Note that due to US materials costs and availability, we will be re-evaluating all pricing across our site through 2022

We can now ship normal priority mail to NZ & AU again !!!

l cost has gone up, mail service has gone down. Note we can no longer ship priority mail to Australia or New Zealand, only priority express or global express, so before ordering from Australia or New Zealand contact us for shipping costs. Minimum to those 2 countries is now $ 92.00ail cost has gone up, mail service has gone down. Note we can no longer ship priority mail to Australia or New Zealand, only priority express or global express, so before ordering from Australia or New Zealand contact us for shipping costs. Minimum to those 2 countries is now $ 92.00
Rebuilt Linkert / Beck / Schebler carburetors

Rebuilding services for YOUR carburetor   

Linkert / Schebler / Beck Motorcycle Carburetor Model Use Data
Our latest factory information makes this the largest and most inclusive data base of it's kind in the world relating to early American motorcycle carburetors. We will shortly add what info we have also gathered for early Tillotson, Zenith, Stromberg, and even the Carters used on the Harley experimentals
What is it, what does it fit, what model carb do you need ?
We are trying to make this the most useful data base of antique
  carburetors available. This is to the best of our knowledge based on experience, our records, and input from many friends ,dealers, & customers over the years. May not be 100%, but damn close
Any useful information to add would be appreciated as this is only what we have gleaned over the past 40 years. A lot of blanks yet.
 Accuracy is to the best of our knowledge and we assume no responsibility for use or misuse of this data.
 Use as a guide only and do your own research. You may copy this data.

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